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It's amazing to think that there are other ways to get your website the traffic it needs without doing anything to your website itself. As a company, Semalt is dedicated to not only getting you to the first page but also giving you the best advice. Here, we will be showing you one secret that, when combined with your SEO efforts, forms a formidable magnet that attracts all the traffic you need.

This powerful channel is no new invention or discovery. It is something that has been in existence almost as long as the internet itself. However, it is commonly ignored or not taken as seriously as I used to. And that channel is the Email List. 

It is common knowledge that Search Engines provides some of the highest percentage of traffic moving to a site. Investing in SEO is one of the most effective marketing strategies for your website. 

In most cases, using the highest-ranking keywords can be equivalent to printing $$$.

However, many websites, even the seasoned ones, forget that search can go beyond direct sales. Getting customers to find and visit your website is not all about showing up on google. Yes, being able to rank in a good position on Google goes a long way; however, there are other means of getting traffic. Many forget that there is one other channel that is so effective in terms of return on investment that it almost beats search engines. This might be hard to phantom, but in our experience with websites, we have had strong reasons to believe that it is not only effective but essential.   

To create a more effective ranking strategy, we combine search with this channel, and we create a supercharged ROI machine that is bound to rock your website.

That channel is the opt-in email list.

Understanding The Magic of Opt-In Email Lists

One of the reasons Search engines work so well is that they give your website the best chances of converting visitors to customers. That is because these searchers actively look for the services or products you offer and choose your site. 

When compared to the SEO method of advertisement, this has its benefits, when compared to other forms of advertisements where a business places its contents in the front of an audience that may not find the content relevant. Not everyone watching the television is interested in seeing your advert for products or services.  

This is why you should consider Opt-in email lists as they are more focused. When you acquire a well built opt-in list, you can send your targeted ads to people who have actively shown interest in the services you provide. That's not all; these individuals are not only interested in your service or products but in your company itself. With this database, you can send specific advertisements to customers you know would appreciate it. You can keep your business on the minds of those that matter the most. We are referring to real prospective customers.

With an opt-in list, you can also segment its customers. Segmentation allows you to divide your customers based on their preferences and offer the best content to each segment of customers.  

For example, you can segment your opt-in list by those who have purchased from you vs. those who have just shown an interest. This division helps you tailor your messages to prod first-time customers to buy and get existing customers to buy more.

Combining SEO with opt-in lists

Now that we have established that op-in lists are an amazing way to advertise, imagine combining them with your SEO efforts. Before we hurry to include them in your SEO structure, you need to ensure that your opt-in list is of the best quality.

If you have a list full of mediocre contacts that only signed up as a result of a promo or for the one-time deal, your opt-in list wouldn't be great. If you have a list full of contacts who love your company and are looking for your products and services, the sky becomes the starting point with regards to the profit that list can get you. 

How to build an Opt-in list

Search engine marketing efforts are one of the best ways to build a quality opt-in list. You can harness the benefits of both free and paid organic search engine marketing to come up with the most efficient opt-in lists. By using these methods, you are able to create a quality list full of potential customers. These cus that have expressed interest in your product or service. 

However, many companies are still conservative about using their SEO efforts to build the opt-in list. 


The reason behind that is simple. In plain texts, most of these companies do not know how to track the return of investment (ROI) of their SEO efforts without a direct sale. Since they are unable to do this, they believe that opt-in lists are not worthy investments.

Opt-In List Valuation

Determining the value of an Opt-in list can be difficult, and more difficult to quantify the value of a single list member. Opt-in lists become more valuable as time passes by. Over time, their value becomes clearer and clearer as you start to understand the metrics behind how your list influences the sales you make. 

When you're creating your list, it is important that you focus on exact monetization metrics. This will be difficult, if not impossible. 

The value of a list is determined by the offers you are able to provide from the list and the immediate needs of the individual members on the list. A valuable list has members that actively search for products and services your company offers and are willing to purchase them once they are available. 

If you want to determine how valuable your list is in order to justify your list building efforts, you can begin by using your overall lead valuation metrics for a lead-generation type site.

As an e-Commerce site, you should use your overall conversion metrics.

For example:

If you have a lead generation site that receives a sale from 1 out of every ten visitors, you can initially estimate that for every ten people you add to your opt-in list, you will receive one sale. 

In e-Commerce, you can use the same principles. In this case, you will use your conversion metrics instead. However, when you hope to arrive at tangible dollar figures, you will need to understand what your average sale is worth it.

As you continue to harness your opt-in list, you will realize that it is a never-ceasing source of customers for your business.  

Over its lifetime, the value of an opt-in list becomes far greater than the value of a one-off sale achieved via traditional search marketing.

So think of the long run. If you are creating a list valuation based on current sales metrics, you should keep your eyes ahead and create a conservative valuation for the long run, based on the lifetime value of the customers.

Opt-In Audiences & Search

More often than not, the search behavior of the prospects for opt-in lists coincides with the search behaviour of traditional prospects. This makes things easier because you can use your SEO efforts to build your list. No extra work is needed.

However, with opt-in lists, you aren't limited to bottom-of-the-funnel searches. Unlike most other search engine marketing programs, you are not seeking to find a buyer that will purchase very soon. Instead, you're looking for customers that are interested in your business itself and are willing to purchase over and over again.

This approach works wonders for many lead generation and e-Commerce stores, especially when they are more interested in convenience than the price or other considerations.

After all, buying from the first link on SERP is more convenient. The more the purchase is considered, the less the bottom-of-the-funnel approach works.

This is where opt-in becomes a genius idea.

You can now target topics that are more geared towards the top of the funnel prospects when optimizing for your opt-in lists. For example, if you sell 8K televisions, your bet for flash sales is to show up at the top of SERP for the best 8K televisions.  

This also enables you to rank even when users specify the brand and size of the television they want.  

However, for those who are just starting on their journey to buying their first television, there will be several queries on a myriad of topics.
They will search for screen types, processor speeds, compare prices, and many more.

Now, if you plan on acquiring these buyers, you would optimize your brand to show up well under SERP searches. Doing that will give your website as well as brand authority in SERP. There is also a good chance that your website will be preferred by the reader. When you drive these prospects to sign up for your opt-in list, you create an opportunity where you can set up a narrative to help them purchase your television. You can also push them through the funnel all the way to the sale.


Many of us get carried away and look for only last-click sales when measuring our search engine marketing results. What we fail to realize is that we should also look for ways to use SEO and SEM in driving other marketing channel results.

The goal is to be creative. Once we can achieve that, the sky is the limit.

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